We love our planet and that's why we designed our pouches to offer a classy, convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles.


Tote Wines pouches create a carbon footprint one fifth the size of a glass bottle during the manufacturing process.

Tote Wines pouches are 100% recyclable so you can enjoy, and dispose of your wine consciously.  


Our pouches account for only 2% of the total weight of each full Tote Wine product. When compared to the equivalent weight of two standard empty wine bottles, which accounts for 72% of their total weight when full of wine, it's easy to see how the amount of energy required, and conversely the amount of carbon emissions created to move the same volume of wine in Tote Wines pouches, is reduced by as much as 80%.

To put that into plain, Green speak: a single truckload of flat, empty Tote Wines pouches is the equivalent of 14 truckloads of empty glass bottles. If you simply consider the carbon emissions produced by the transport industry alone, Tote Wines pouches are a step toward a more sustainable and responsible future for OUR environment and a step in the right direction for the Australian wine industry.


By cutting down on the total weight of the package, we ultimately reduce the overall carbon footprint of the product, assisting the wine industry in general to reduce total carbon emissions.

Good job us!